February 1, 2012
The Lovelaaaannnnddd Frogmannnn or men.

Leaving Jersey and thanking The Garden State (our host) we head out towards Ohio. More specifically Loveland, Ohio which is near Cleveland….? Or east of it or well it doesn’t matter its Ohio.

We are going to encounter a creature of the likes we have yet to see, an amphibious cryptid. We are looking for none other than The Loveland Frogman. Frogman sightings stretch all the way back to 1955 and since then there has been over 1 more sighting, and the most recent… 1988. The time of the Frogman is nigh. The Frogman was first spotted by a “prominent” business man who was driving down a road that runs along the Miami River on the way to Loveland. It was around three thirty in the morning, so he for sure wasn’t drunk, and he witnessed 3 Frogmen at the side of the road, so naturally being a white dude he pulled over to see what these Frogmen were doing. The business man watched the Frogmen for what he said seemed like an hour. Apparently all the Frogmen did was stand around, until one of them raised what seem to look like a wand and at that point the businessman bailed because when Frogmen are pulling out wands, shit is about to go down. Since that original sighting there have been two more. The first of which occurred in 1972 a Frogman was witnessed by a Police Officer(bound by the law to the truth) who reported that he had to slam on the brakes and almost struck what appeared to be some sort of “man frog thing.” The last sighting occurred in 1988 by some farmer or whatever people in Ohio did in the eighties. The Frogman, or men are said to range from 3-4 ft tall, with large round frog-like heads and spend most of their time crouched over. Their diets consist of small fish and large bugs mostly, it is known to go to great lengths like venture across busy roads for a good meal. So again we have discovered a creature forgotten by ‘scientists.’ 3 sightings in just 33 years, the numbers don’t lie. Neither does this hand drawn eyewitness drawing, or this mini doc from the fucking Society of Monster Spotters the leading mini doc authority on cryptids. Feast your eyes below. The Frogman is real.

It doesn’t get more definitive than this. #handdrawnevidence #AfuckingBusinessmanSawThis #Proof

Please Click the link to watch the official SMS documentary about the Frogman

#Truthonvideo #MindBlowingInsights #PerspectiveChanging

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